In the Gardens

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In the Gardens:
The Story of Two Gardens as Witnessed by Shakspere the Cat
By: M. E. Weldon

Two gardens, one amazing story!

“When Miss Mattie opened the door and let her ‘boys’ inside, they could not believe their eyes! There was nothing in their flat except a mattress on the floor, nothing! All the furniture was gone, all the books, all the pictures, everything! Shakespeare thought to himself, I’m not sure what is going on here, but this will never do!

“Dickens was terrified on one paw, but thrilled to see that the laptop was still in the flat on the other. Though how in the world he would ever get to use it was quite the question of the day.”

Join the fur-filled adventure as the two cat brothers make the move from the big city to this island far from their eastern home. The re-telling of ancient stories shifts to a giant “leap” from the garden of creation to the garden where God’s greatest gift changed our history forever. (How Shakespeare managed to witness both and all the in betweens is still a mystery!)

In a powerful antidote to the secular, M E Weldon delivers a vibrant, action-packed re-telling of Bible history enmeshed in the antics of her real live cats, Shakespeare (the eye witness) and his curious and often bothersome younger brother, Dickens. They really have their paws full with the introduction of a charming, though terrifying new character who seems to be on to them and their computer skills! Will they finish the story before this new nemesis discovers their secrets?


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