Love Again, Live Again

Restore your heart and regain your health.

2-Part Webinar

Everyone gets their feelings hurt in life. As these wounds fester and compound throughout life, they become scars that affect our current relationships. Joan Hunter reveals how to heal your heart from past hurts. To do this, you must be set free from the trauma of past relationships that prevent you from giving of yourself to those most important to you today. In doing so, you will also restore your most important relationship—the one with your heavenly Father.

This is a 2-part webinar series is based on the book Love Again, Live Again. When you order this webinar you will also receive a copy of the book. A valid email address is required. You will be sent an email with access to the webinars. You can watch them live as well as access the archives for 6 months after the webinar has aired.

Live Airing: Tuesday, February 5th & 12th at 7:30pm CST.
Archives will be available.

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